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MEGA S.A. is a team of professionals and engineers highly skilled in the construction and energy sectors, who are our greatest value. If you are ambitious and courageous, not afraid to professional challenges, then we offer you a job in our team, where you be able to consolidate your technical knowledge and to gain interesting experience.

In order to enable us to know your qualifications, please send your CV and cover letter to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Offered jobs

At the moment we are looking for:

  • electricians-foremen with practice,

  • skilled electricians with certificates of the Polish Association of Electrical Engineers (SEP)

  • young workers with secondary education as electrician without SEP certificates - but who want to gain new skills and experience under the supervision of our staff.

We plan selective recruitment - so if you're looking for a really good employer, do not hesitate to send your CV - an opportunity may not come again. If you are currently connected with another employer, and you are a valuable employee - we can wait for you.

We employ full time - initially for a fixed term, then, for the best tenure. Salary is paid on time and in full on your account, we respect all workers' social security benefits and occupational health and safety. We also offer, for a small fee, medical care for workers and their families in Swissmed clinics.

We execute construction contracts and contracts in the energy industry across Poland so you have to be reckoned with the possibility of posting to another location, what is associated with additional earnings.


Employees who have additional qualifications, driving license, completed professional courses and special trainings are welcome!

We ask you to present in the CV your professional experience with the utmost care and fully - it will allow us to assess preliminary the candidate's suitability.


   MEGA S.A.      |      ul. Hutnicza 42, 81-061 Gdynia, Poland      |     |      T: +48 58 667 19 00, F: +48 58 667 18 88