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On 21 October 20016 a topping-out ceremony took place for the construction of the next, the third stage of the project Housing Estate Alfa Park 3 (buildings B4, B5, B6 and B7) in Gdansk, Myśliwska Street.
According to tradition, all associated with the construction process: the investor, representatives of Mega SA, supervision, subcontractors and employees of Mega SA - a total of about 180 people took part in it.


Linia L




We are pleased to announce that we, as one of the 12 nominated companies, were awarded with the prize “GRYF GOSPODARCZY” (“ECONOMIC GRIFFIN”).
The statuette "Economic Griffin" is one of the most respected regional economic prizes, awarded jointly by the local government and economic authorities of the province of Pomerania.

The aim of the competition is to promote entrepreneurship and economic activity of Pomeranian companies, dissemination of good business practices, promote the economic image of the region and to involve the business sector into cooperation with local authorities.


conference and exhibition - PWEA 2016

  Kalendarz 11th March 2016

PSEW 2016 EN

We are pleased to announce, that on 8th-9th of March we took part in the next of conference and exhibition organised by The Polish Wind Energy Association in Warsaw (EXPO XXI).


We would like to thank the organizers of the event, all our friends and visitors interested in our stand.


Linia L


Certificate of credibility

  Kalendarz 24th February 2016

on 9th February 2016 International Information Agency 'Creditreform'  examined a creditworthiness of our company. We are pleased to announce that the global assessment of the financial condition of our company, in particular capacity for timely payment of obligations was assessed as very good, and our company has won the prestigious Certificate of Credibility.


To check an authenticity of the Certificate click here.


International Information Agency 'Creditreform' was established in 1879 in Germany and is now one of the three largest organizations in the world dealing with the assessment of the creditworthiness of companies.

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Military Base in Redzikowo

  Kalendarz 16th November 2015

We are informing with pleasure, that our company is one of the following companies, which are taking part in construction of military base in Redzikowo, Pomeranian voivodeship.


According to the contract, MEGA S.A. is going to build water supply network (including connection to the existing urban network) - Task No 13751, sanitary and storm network (including connetcion to the existing urban network) - Task No 13752.


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Wreath on the top of Alfa Park Gdańsk

  Kalendarz 18th May 2015


On 8th of May MEGA S.A. celebrated completion of construction works regarding three residential buildings 'Alfa Park' in Gdańsk, Myśliwska Street. According to building tradition the Team prepared a special wreath, which has been mounted on the top of one of the buildings.

The event was attended by representatives of the Investor, the members of the sales office and the team supervising the execution of the investment, designers and other interested parties.


The guests have been welcomed with meals and comprehensive information with all the details of construction, technology and the next stages of the investment.

This event is also an important milestone for MEGA S.A., which confirms correct implementation of all the work, and also it is a significant moment, which brings an investment closer to its completion.




Linia L


Certificate of Gold Payer

  Kalendarz 28th April 2015

Złoty Płatnik 2014 roku - Certyfikat dla MEGA S.A.

We are proud to inform you, that EULER HERMES company awarded for MEGA S.A. the prestigious Certificate of Gold Payer 2014 in response to the reliability of the cooperation and the timeliness of payments made in the past year.


Linia L



PSEW event 2015

  Kalendarz 10th April 2015

psew 2015

We are pleased to announce, that on 14th-15th of April we are taking part in the next of conference and exhibition organised by The Polish Wind Energy Association inNarvil Hotel in Serock. We have glad to invite you to our Stand No 1D-3D. For more information about the event and its participants please visit The Polish Wind Energy Association website.


Linia L

The best investments in Gdynia - 'Kielecka 5'

 Kalendarz16th February 2015

 Kielecka5 naj gd inw

We are pleased to announce,  that Office Building 'Kielecka 5' executed by our team, received the prestige award of Chairman of Gdynia City Council in the annual contest for the best investments in Gdynia. The last edition of the contest concerned these inwestments, which have been completed in 2014.


The award in the category "Architecture" has been given due to following reason: ['Kielecka 5'] is a chamber, characteristic, interesting and modern architecture, which fits well with the atmosphere of our city [...]".



Click here to read the entire article.


Linia L

Piaskiem w raka

 Kalendarz13th January 2015

 Project 'Piaskiem w raka' of charity Foundation 'Trzeba Marzyć' We are informing with pleasure, that the Project 'Piaskiem w raka' implemented as a part of the Foundation's 'Trzeba Marzyć' came to the end. The scope of the Project was to collect funds for the Foundation. The idea of the Project was to go by the owner of the Foundation - Rafał Dadej, more than 530 kilometers straight by Polish shore of the sea, from Świnoujście to Piaski. Being one of the sponsors, and in accordance with the assumptions of the event, we donated 10 PLN for the each kilometer of the route. We hope, that collected money and support given on the route will help to achieve the goals, but also to organize similar events in the future. 

More information:

 Link to the website of charity Foundation 'Trzeba Marzyć'  Link to the photogallery of charity Foundation 'Trzeba Marzyć'  Link to the vide oclip of charity Foundation 'Trzeba Marzyć'

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