Mechanical/electrical/sanitary works

Construction of a system for granulating fertilizers with the use of compaction method

Project description:


The project included conversion of a mill building and a raw materials warehouse building for the purpose of installing a compacting system, which included also construction of plant with instrumentation control and automation, and commissioning on a turn-key basis.


The scope of works carried out by MEGA S.A. included demolition of premises and internal structures, installation of 40 DYWI DRILL self-drill micro-piles together with adaptation of the existing reinforced concrete piles, construction of foundations, installation of chemical resistant industrial floors, adaptation of the existing steel structures and construction of new ones in the mill building and the raw materials warehouse building, upgrading of walls and roof structures, installation of all the required insulations, anti-corrosion protections, complete installation of sanitary, mechanical, electrical and automation systems.



Gdańskie Zakłady Nawozów Fosforowych FOSFORY SP. Z O.O.

Project implementation start and end dates:

02.2016 - 12.2016


Gdańsk, Kujawska St.