Harbour quay alteration

Old City Quay in Szczecin

Project description


Alteration of the Old City Quay (in Szczecin) performed according to the design and build system covered a 650 m long section of quay along which the following were executed: demolition, strip-out and repairs of quay sections, cleaning of the harbour basin bottom, dredging works, rebuilding of the abutment section at the Marina.


The task included laying new granite block and concrete slab pavements, structural landscaping, greenery planting, installation of floating jetties and of an external platform elevator. Complete electrical and sanitary works were also completed.



Gmina Miasto Szczecin – Biuro ds. Zamówień Publicznych Urzędu Miasta Szczecin.

Time limit for completion:

06.2016 – 06.2017

Length of quay section:

650 mb