Warehouse buildings

Polish Navy Central Warehousing Facility

Project description:


Repair and construction works in building No. 67 situated on the premises of the Polish Navy Central Warehousing Facility in Gdynia. The subject matter of the contract was repairs including construction works (together with road works), plumbing works, electrical works.


Project owner:

Rejonowy Zarząd Infrastruktury in Gdynia / Regional Infrastructure Management in Gdynia

Time limit for completion:

10.2008 – 06.2010

Gross area:

3.042,40 m2 (budynki), 66,20 m2 (rampa), 143,40 m2 (wiata)

Floor area:

2.769,50 m2

Internal cubic volume:

16.847,90 m2 (budynki), 364,00 m2 (rampa), 717,00 m2 (wiata)


Gdynia, Kontradmirała Xawerego Czernickiego St.