Polish Navy Museum and Museum of the City of Gdynia

Investment description:


Reconstruction and extension of the RIWIERA building at Zawiszy Czarnego Street in Gdynia for the Polish Navy Museum and the City of Gdynia Museum. The scope realized by MEGA S. A. included the construction of the shell of the building with full facade finish and all necessary general-purpose installations (substation supporting the existing Riviera building, main electrical switchboard, electrical installation supplying heating of pipes and gutters) with their connections..



Fundacja „O Dach dla Historii Marynarki Wojennej RP”

Project implementation start and end dates:

03.2002 - 10.2005

Usable area:

6.700 m2


37.800 m3


Gdynia, Zawiszy Czarnego St.